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"Leaving Home" Album Now Available - Going Back to Go Forward, Part 2

There it is...That eighteen-year-old face full of questions and wonderings, longings and passions. She was a girl with a lot on her heart and mind, and this 10-track album--recorded in 2007 when I was 19 years old--captures some of my thoughts of those early years of adulthood.

Download now and please consider donating to help fund future recording projects. Any amount is helpful and so deeply appreciated!

As a reminder, I will continue to release my older recordings in the next few weeks as part of the "Going Back to Go Forward" project. Check out "Time Will Tell," my first recording project from 2006 that I released digitally for the first time two weeks ago on May 11, 2018. Coming in a couple of weeks: "Live at IKE Box," a live concert recording from 2010. Thanks for following along!

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