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The Best Things in Life Are...FREE!

I am so excited to announce that as of today I am offering my music for FREE DOWNLOAD to anyone and everyone who wants access to it! (Before I get too far, I will say that if anyone has purchased it in the last six months and would like a refund, I will gladly arrange for that to happen! Simply message me through my website or Facebook page to let me know.) From the beginning of the process with "The Nature of Now," I knew I wanted the music to be accessible to anyone and everyone who desired to listen to it--regardless of their financial means. I felt God had called me to make it a free gift, meant to minister to hearts. If people wanted to pay, they could, but I wasn't going to require it.

As I released the record, though, the truth is that I got scared. I thought to myself, "If I do this, maybe I'm undervaluing my music and other people will, too...or what if I don't recuperate my costs on the project?" Honestly, I didn't have the faith to believe that God would follow through on His promise. He told me that if I was faithful to produce the record, he would be faithful to produce the means to do even more music projects. "But God," I thought to myself, "How will you provide the resources for more recording if I give this all away for free?!" So, like we often do, I leaned on my own understanding. I made a quick decision that made sense to me. In short, I disobeyed!

After these six months, though, I've consistently been reminded that I need to return to this original calling. It is time! Time to be obedient! Time to release the music for free! Time to run in more freedom myself! No more fear, friends. The Lord is faithful. So, please: enjoy the music for free! If you desire to give there is an option to name a price upon "check-out," but truly, please only give if you really want to! God bless you all!

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