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Going Back to Go Forward

It is time to unearth some personal musical history, my friends. Time to release the old sounds to make way for the new. I have been digging--rediscovering early sounds and remembering past truths that God has taught me over the years--and I want to share it with you!

As I am preparing to release new music later this year, it only seems right to lay bare the musical foundation upon which I am building. This is a humbling and sweet process for me. I get to open my heart and share the music I wrote and recorded as early as sixteen and eighteen years old. Some of this stuff is raw and ugly, some of it is powerful and full of potential. All of it is honest--be it worship or soul-sifting songs--and it comes in spirit and in truth.

We all start somewhere. My somewhere was a creaky old piano bench in front of the baby grand piano my mom inherited when her mother died. This piano was the beginning of my musical education, and it was on its keys that my soul began to release emotion and song when I was fifteen and sixteen years old, going through some of the most painful years of my life. The first songs, you will discover, had few to no lyrics at all. I didn't know how to articulate what I was feeling, so I let the melodies lead the way. As I grew, I found some words...and so the relationship with song-writing deepened.

So what, exactly, am I meaning to do, you ask? I am saying that over the next few weeks, I will be releasing all of my early recordings right here, on my website, for listening, download, and purchase (if you want to financially support my work!). This will include the following albums, if not a few more stand-alone recordings:

1) "Time Will Tell" - a full-length, mostly instrumental album recorded by Kevin Elmore live at Smith Hall in Monmouth, Oregon in 2006

2) "Leaving Home" - a full-length album of original songs recorded and produced by Issac Palmer at his home studio in Dallas, Oregon in 2007

3) "Live at IKE Box" - a full-length album recorded by Billy Bork that captures a live show I did at the Ike Box in Salem, Oregon in 2010

Going backwards to go forwards...that's what this is about. Releasing the old to make way for the new. Sharing my past with you to prepare us all for the future music that God will release in me and through me. Please join me on this journey and consider contributing to help fund my upcoming recording projects! All money spent on my music will get re-invested into producing MORE music...and we all want that, right?! I know I do. :) I love you guys and so appreciate your support and love. Hugs to all!

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